Welcome to NFR-National Finals Rodeo 2019 Live Stream on CBS Sports Network. National Finals Rodeo will be start on Dec. 5 – 14, 2019 at the Thomas & Mack Center Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is the National final rodeo event of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) season and the CBS Sports Network will air NFR live from Las Vegas. The National Finals Rodeo consists of 10 rounds on 10 consecutive days and CBSSN is going to broadcast full .

National Finals Rodeo 2019
Venue Thomas and Mack Center,  Las Vegas, NV, United States
Start Date Thursday, fifth December 2019
End Date Saturday, 14th December 2019
Broadcast CBS Sports Networks
Live Stream Watch Here

The 12 RAM Circuit Finals Rodeos and the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, and for many bull riders, PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour earnings.

At the end of each Wrangler NFR, there are two champions in each event (four for team roping): the average winner, who won the Wrangler NFR by having the best cumulative time or score for that event over the 10 rounds, and the world champion, who finished the year with the most money (including what he or she earned at the Wrangler NFR). For each event, the average winner and world champion may be the same person or different people.


The inaugural National Finals Rodeo was held in 1959 nearly 60 years ago in Dallas, Texas. the UNLV campus . All events of the Wrangler NFR are scheduled to air live on the CBS Sports Network.

Nitional Finals Rodeo (NFR) 2019 Live Stream

The 10-day Wrangler National Finals Rodeo will start Dec. 1 and will continue Dec. 10 with all the qualified cowboys, cowgirls, barrel racers, rodeo princesses, and flag girls. CBS Sports Network provides the opportunity to watch the Wrangler NFR and other championships throughout the year.


1) Bareback riding: Bareback riding is a feature of horseback riding without a saddle. The top 15 participants in bareback riding qualify, based on money won throughout the regular season, various types of bull riders, the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour, the Justin Boots Playoffs and Championships, to participate at the Wrangler National finals rodeo 2019.

The 2019 qualified participants are – Tim O’Connell, Orin Larsen, Caleb Bennett, Tanner Aus, R.C. Landingham, Winn Ratliff, Yvan Jayne, Clayton Biglow, Jake Brown, Jake Vold, J.R. Vezain, Ty Breuer, Richmond Champion, Jessy Davis, and Wyatt Denny. Congratulations cowboys to Vegas NFR.

2) Steer wrestling : The steer wrestler endeavors to catch up to the running steer falling it on the ground to grab its horns and make the running steer off-balance to pull the steer to the ground.

The top 15 participants in steer wrestling qualify to participate in the National Finals Rodeo. Congratulation the qualified cowboys – Ty Erickson, Jason Thomas, Tyler Waguespack, J.D. Struxness , Clayton Hass, Dakota Eldridge, Josh Peek, Jacob Talley, Nick Guy, Baylor Roche, Billy Bugenig, Matt Reeves, Riley Duvall, Trevor Knowles, and Cody Cabral.

3) Team roping: It’s a Wrangler NFR events where two mounted riders go ahead to pull a running steer. The Cowboys will perform at the Las Vegas show.

The horse rider tries to stay eight seconds on the horse without touching the horse. The top 15 qualified participants of 2019 Wrangler NFR are – Jacobs Crawley, CoBurn Bradshaw, Rusty Wright, Zeke Thurston, Jake Wright, Heith DeMoss, Cody DeMoss, Clay Elliott, Allen Boore, Jesse Wright, Cody Wright, Sterling Crawley, Chuck Schmidt, Ryder Wright, Jake Watson, Jake Watson.

4) Tie  down-Roping: As with saddle bronc riding and team roping, the roots of tie-down roping can be traced back to the working ranches of the Old West . NFR-National Finals Rodeo 2019 Live Stream event that features a calf and a rider mounted on a horse to catch the calf by throwing a loop of rope from a lariat around its neck, run to the calf and bend It’s three legs together.

The Every year Top 15 participants are selected by the NFR down roping standings In the Country . The 2019 qualified participants are Marcos Costa, Timber Moore, Hunter Herrin, Cory Solomon, Shane Chancey, Case Swot, Reese Merrie, Caleb Smidt, Riley Pruitt, Ryan Jarrett, Matt Shirtwaist, Blane Cox, Ryle Smith, Tyson Durfey, and Marty Yates.

5) Barrel racing: The most popular N FR-National Finals Rodeo 2019 Live Stream girl’s amateur high-speed competition open to riders of all ages and abilities. The top fifteen barrel racing contestants compete at the Wrangler NFR. Barrel racing, in which horse and rider rush around barrels in the fastest possible time, is the glitzy side of professional rodeo, with sequined shirts and gleaming horses under the arena lights. At the collegiate and professional levels, it is primarily an event for women. Barrel racers earn prize money for placing in the top three positions of a competition.

WPRA Barrel Racing ladies are selected for the Wrangler NFR events in Las Vegas 10 days event , Mary Burger grabs the top qualifying position, the others are Jackie Ganter, Mary Walker, Ivy Conrado, Kimmie Wall, Stevi Hillman, Lisa Lockhart, Sarah Rose McDonald, Michele McLeod, Cayla Melby, Pamela Capper, Sherry Cervi, Carly Richardson, Jana Bean, and Amber Moore.

The top 15 cowboys of the PRCA bull riding standings are qualified for the Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo.


Rank Name City State Earnings
1 Caleb Smidt Bellville TX $83,412.48
2 Tuf Cooper Decatur TX $60,321.49
3 Stetson Wright Milford UT $59,437.54
4 Rhen Richard Roosevelt UT $48,731.67
5 Steven Dent Mullen NE $34,749.59
6 Daylon Swearingen Rochelle GA $33,609.14
7 Trevor Brazile Decatur TX $33,024.65
8 Landon McClaugherty Tilden TX $30,803.04
9 Clayton Hass Weatherford TX $29,576.98
10 Marcus Theriot Poplarville MS $25,935.99
11 Bart Brunson Terry MS $22,334.97
12 Eli Lord Sturgis SD $20,631.83
13 Tim Pharr Resaca GA $16,983.18
14 Tanner Green Cotulla TX $16,662.97
15 Shane Proctor Grand Coulee WA $14,343.56
16 Chance Oftedahl Pemberton MN $13,328.67
17 Delon Parker worden MT $11,515.10
18 Riley Warren Stettler AB $10,974.88
19 JoJo LeMond Andrews TX $10,889.68
20 Hank Hollenbeck Molt MT $9,181.07
21 Darren Morgan Fort Ann NY $8,001.98

All-Around – The All-Around Cowboy is actually an award, not an event. Many casinos carry the events live in their sports books or host special parties to accommodate all of the fans in town who can not get tickets for the events.

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