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The Barrel Racer is a truly special event in the rodeo world, and one of the fastest. While cowboys are holding down bucking and spinning bulls, cowgirls on horses are charging through the gate in a race against the clock. The Fast Time Barrel Racer Live on CBS Sports Network .The faster the rider completes the pattern, the higher up on the leader board the pair will land.

National Finals Rodeo 2019
Venue Thomas and Mack Center,  Las Vegas, NV, United States
Start Date Thursday, fifth December 2019
End Date Saturday, 14th December 2019
Broadcast CBS Sports Networks
Live Stream Watch Here

Barrel racing, in which horse and rider rush around barrels in the fastest possible time, is the glitzy side of professional rodeo, with sequined shirts and gleaming horses under the arena lights. At the collegiate and professional levels, it is primarily an event for women. It’s also a highly competitive and professional sport, with times so close that a hundredth of second can make the difference between taking home a prize and being out of the money. Barrel racers earn prize money for placing in the top three positions of a competition.

Speed Means Money

The Barrel racing is not technically an occupation, and many barrel racers earn their living in other ways, such as ranching, training horses or in other occupations. Prize money for first place in most competitions varies from $1,000 to $4,000, according to professional barrel racer and trainer Heather Smith.

Average Rodeo Winnings

Not all barrel racers are at the top of the money. As of July 2014, for example, the WPRA notes that among the top 500 barrel racers, winnings varied from the $253 won by Brooke Jeter to top-ranked Lisa Lockhart’s earnings of $67,345. Jeter had competed in 16 rodeos at that point, giving her average earnings of $15 per rodeo. Lockhart, however, had competed in 18 rodeos, for a per-rodeo average of $3,746. Nancy Hunter, the second-ranked barrel racer, had competed in 11 rodeos and won $66,973, so her per-rodeo average was actually higher than Lockhart’s at $6,088.

Season Winnings

A barrel racer’s earnings are tracked on three levels: season winnings, National Finals Rodeo (NFR) winnings and total world earnings. A season was originally spring to fall, but the advent of indoor arenas has extended the season to December, when the NFR is held in Las Vegas, Nev. In 2013, the WPRA notes season winnings for the top 15 barrel racers ranged from 15th-place Jean Winters’ earnings of $69,846 to the $147,417 won by top contender Sherry Cervi. The top contenders are placed by combined season and NFR winnings, so a barrel racer might earn less in the season and still come out at the top of the list with significant winnings at the NFR.

2019 Wrangler NFR Payoff

NFR purses are much larger than the average barrel racing prize.

Payoff $ Breakdown Per Go-Round
Per Go $676,923.08
Per Go, Per Event $84,615.38
Average $2,030,769.23
Average, Per Event $253,846.15
Total Payoff $8,800,000.00
Total Payoff Per Event $1,100,000.00

The prizes ranged from a low of $14,723 won by Sydni Blanchard, to Cervi’s top dollar. Six of the top 15 riders won $50,000 or more at that one rodeo. The top five barrel racers at the NFR in 2013 were Shada Brazile, Taylor Jacob, Mary Walker, Lisa Lockhart and Sherry Cervi. The first four won $61,889, $82,431, $92,247 and $102,163, respectively.

Placing Payoff Per Go-Round Per Event
1st Place $26,230.77 31%
2nd Place $20,730.77 24.5%
3rd Place $15,653.85 18.5%
4th Place $11,000.00 13%
5th Place $6,769.23 8%
6th Place $4,230.77 5%
Total Payoff Per Event $84,615.38

Top Dollar

Total world earnings determine a barrel racer’s overall standing at the end of a season. The amounts of season purses and NFR purses are combined for the total world earnings figure. A barrel racer who had an excellent season but did not compete in the NFR is unlikely to finish high in the standings, because the NFR purses are so much larger. In 2013, the WPRA reports Michelle McLeod was fifth in the top five, with total winnings of $151,357. Taylor Jacob came next, at $164,484. Lisa Lockhart was third, with $184,200 in total winnings, and Mary Walker came in fourth at $229,363. .More

Average Round Per Event
1st Place $67,269.23 26.5%
2nd Place $54,576.92 21.5%
3rd Place $43,153.85 17%
4th Place $31,730.77 12.5%
5th Place $22,846.15 9%
6th Place $16,500 6.5%
7th Place $11,423.08 4.5%
8th Place $6,346.15 2.5%

RAM World Standings – All-Around

2019 PRCA | RAM World StandingsAll-Around. All-Around Bareback Steer Wrestling Team Roping

Rank Name City State Earnings
1 Caleb Smidt Bellville TX $83,412.48
2 Tuf Cooper Decatur TX $60,321.49
3 Stetson Wright Milford UT $59,437.54
4 Rhen Richard Roosevelt UT $48,731.67
5 Steven Dent Mullen NE $34,749.59
6 Daylon Swearingen Rochelle GA $33,609.14
7 Trevor Brazile Decatur TX $33,024.65
8 Landon McClaugherty Tilden TX $30,803.04
9 Clayton Hass Weatherford TX $29,576.98
10 Marcus Theriot Poplarville MS $25,935.99
11 Bart Brunson Terry MS $22,334.97
12 Eli Lord Sturgis SD $20,631.83
13 Tim Pharr Resaca GA $16,983.18
14 Tanner Green Cotulla TX $16,662.97
15 Shane Proctor Grand Coulee WA $14,343.56
16 Chance Oftedahl Pemberton MN $13,328.67
17 Delon Parker worden MT $11,515.10
18 Riley Warren Stettler AB $10,974.88
19 JoJo LeMond Andrews TX $10,889.68
20 Hank Hollenbeck Molt MT $9,181.07
21 Darren Morgan Fort Ann NY $8,001.98


Total purse: $5.875 million

Nightly go-round payout*

  1. $17,512 2. $13,840
  2. $10,450 4. $7,343
  3. $4,519 6. $2,824

Event aggregate payout*

  1. $44,909 2. $36,436
  2. $28,810 4. $21,183
  3. $15,252 6. $11,015
  4. $7,626 8. $4,236



Through Nov. 26, 2010

  1. Trevor Brazile**, $3,683,262
  2. Billy Etbauer, $3,008,053
  3. Joe Beaver, $2,973,352
  4. Fred Whitfield**, $2,925,206
  5. Cody Ohl**, $2,715,275
  6. Dan Mortensen, $2,555,716
  7. Tee Woolman, $2,439,043
  8. Rich Skelton**, $2,354,233
  9. Rod Hay#, $2,331,475
  10. Allen Bach, $2,294,770


$149,099, Trevor Brazile, 2008


Bareback: $139,880, Bobby Mote, 2009

Steer Wrestling: $130,458, Lee Graves, 2009

Team Roping: $106,292 each, Nick Sartain/Kollin VonAhn, 2009

Saddle Bronc Riding: $120,775, Billy Etbauer, 2005

Calf Roping: $132,652, Cody Ohl, 2006

Barrel Racing: $146,100, Sherry Cervi, 2009

Bull Riding: $142,644, B.J. Schumacher, 2006

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